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  • RTW Budget Update: Southeast Asia

    Our trip is now complete. Life is a little bit different here in the states (mostly much colder), but we’ll get to talking about that soon. For now, it’s time to take a look at how much we spent in Southeast Asia. This segment was the longest; all in, over 3.5 months. Originally it would… [Continue Reading]

    RTW Budget Update: Southeast Asia
  • How to Overspend in Thailand

    On our first visit to Thailand, I want to say we were young and naive. It was several years ago, in 2011, and we were only 24 years old. We were starting to make more money in our respective careers and our pockets were as deep as ever. So when we visited Thailand with three… [Continue Reading]

    How to Overspend in Thailand
  • Hanoi’s Secret Courtyard: Cafe Pho Co

    Tucked behind a tourist’s t-shirt shop and silk store is one of Hanoi’s not-so-secret coffee shops, except for the fact that it’s easily missed by the casual walker-by. It sits near a congested traffic “circle” in the old quarter, which is surrounded by numerous other similar shops enticing customers with a lakeside view. But Cafe… [Continue Reading]

    Hanoi’s Secret Courtyard: Cafe Pho Co

Angkor Wat: If You Can’t Beat Em,’ Join Em.’

Visiting Angkor Wat is like going to Disneyland: it’s expensive, it’s hot, there’s a lot of walking, and there’s people everywhere. We tried to think of strategies to escape it, but alas, they just don’t exist. And we’re usually pretty good at avoiding the crowds. Here are some tips to make the most out of […]

A grand room.

Reunification Palace in Saigon: A Lesson in Style

The Reunification Palace in Saigon was nothing I expected. Expertly designed and decorated, it’s more a lesson in style than history until you stumble down the stairway into the basement bunker. This is where the war was fought. With telephones, communication devices, and maps upon maps on the walls, the drama that took place down […]


Halong Bay Junk Boat: Not So Junk-y After All

While we were in Hanoi, we knew we had to take the opportunity to shoot east to Halong Bay and jump on a Junk Boat cruise. Junk boats are a popular tour in Halong Bay, as that’s really the only way you can see it, so there are many options to choose from, obviously with […]


Bike Vietnam

Like most SE Asian countries, Vietnam is an assault on the senses, sometimes for good and sometimes not. Between sidestepping your way around sidewalks, scooting through motor scooters, and saying no countless times to ladies trying to stuff your faces with donuts on the street, the cities of Vietnam will have you screaming ‘Serenity now!’ […]