Frog and toad are always together. Frog is ever optimistic; Toad the realist waiting for proof of life’s simple pleasures. In real life, we’re a 20-something couple with a passion to escape the ordinary. Frog and Toad Travel was created in the summer of 2013 in preparation for a six month hop across the globe. It was a our first long(ish) journey and only our third or fourth trip outside of the U-S-of-A.

We are not your typical travel bloggers- we did not sell all of our possessions, quit our jobs, and take a one way flight out of the country. Instead, we took a career break to wet our palettes for what else is out there. We strive to find a balance between exploration of the world far away and the world right in front of us.

These are our stories of searching, wandering, and exploring.

More About Kris:

238_572342129698_264_nI grew up one of two kids, the other being my twin sister. My parents were very enthusiastic about summer vacations and every June/July/August we found ourselves in our little woody station wagons road tripping – packed to the brim and sometimes hauling a little pop up camper- to Maine, Virginia, South Dakota, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, with CCR and Hall and Oates playing all the way to ‘there.’ – the beautiful creations of the ever changing ground beneath our feet.

Steph and I held down the fort in the folded down back seat of the station wagon, arguing all the way about my teddy bear being on ‘her side.’ And although I didn’t really think about it or acknowledge it then, their dedication to family vacations made me appreciate travel and all the awesome and mind opening places that exist outside of our home in Ohio.

There was nothing better than waking up at 5:30 in the morning when it was still dark outside, the air cold and the grass still dewy, knowing that in 14 hours and hundreds of miles on our odometer, we’d be in a different world, starting a new adventure.

Yes, there were arguments (my parents once ripped a map in half while driving through the craziness that is Washington, DC with Steph and I crying in hysterics in the back seat) and yes there were moments that no picture could ever adequately capture (like the time we took a midnight walk to the edge of Bryce Canyon and quite possibly saw every twinkling star in the Milky Way). But travel is really just about being, taking it all in, reflecting, appreciating and accepting whatever happens- good or bad. It’s all an experience that you wouldn’t have had sitting on the couch watching summer re-runs of Boy Meets World.

And my parents taught me that; I’m so thankful that they laid down that foundation of understanding as Nick and I continue our ongoing (mis)adventures around the world.


More About Nick:

003 I grew up in a military family, moving base to base as a child. I was born in Hawaii, spent preschool in Myrtle Beach, elementary school in Okinawa, middle school in Colorado, high school in the suburbs of Cleveland, college in the hills of Appalachia, and finally made it to my current residence in Chicago. From the day I was born it was ingrained in me to become comfortable with the uncomfortable- new surroundings and new people; new sights, smells, and new challenges.

I have yet to spend more than a few years living in one spot. Even as I started my career, the road warrior lifestyle kept me most Mondays through Thursdays traveling around the U.S. and abroad- DC, Ohio, Texas, California, Singapore, and Switzerland to name a few.

My plans for future travels are one blip in a broader plan- to live more simply … live slower … and live a more holistic life. I enjoy good food, good music, and most of all… this girl up here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where have we been?
A: BotswanaCambodia – Canada – EnglandFranceHungaryItalyLaos – Singapore – SloveniaSouth Africa – Switzerland – TanzaniaThailandTurkey – United States – VietnamZambia

Q: Do you have to be good looking to travel around the world?
A: You be the judge.


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