Love for Lush

Lush. First off, good word. Second off, great company!
Shampoos, soaps, and such were never things that I thought would get me overly excited. I also never thought they were something that I would write an enthusiastic blog post about, but put me in a squirrel suit and call me a squirrel; Lush Cosmetics has changed my mind!
Lush has put a fresh twist on beauty products and interestingly enough, whether they designed this stuff to be for travel or not, it thankfully is indeed. They have a whole line of solid shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and even toothpaste.
I picked up a few products the other day to test out:
!. Seanik Solid Shampoo
@. Big Conditioner
#. Demon In The Dark Soap
$. Sparkle Toothy Tab Toothpaste
%. No Drought Dry Shampoo
!. The item that I was most skeptical about and I’ve been most impressed with so far is the solid shampoo. My hair has gone from long to crazy long and I have to use a ridiculous amount of liquid shampoo to get it to suds. It comes in a little round puck and is supposed to last up to three months. Amazingly, I only need to rub it through my hair 4 times, once on each side, once on the top of my head, and once on the underneath of my hair and my hair gets super sudsy; I could probably use even less. I also bought the little silver puck case for carrying that keeps it from leaking which has also worked great. This little shampoo comes in many ‘flavors’ but I chose Seanik. It take me to the sea. Fresh air, summertime, A day full of new possibilities.
@. I bought the Big conditioner which is made of sea salt and coconut oil. The cool thing about this product (along with the soap that I have as well) is that you can buy as much or as little as you want. They cut whatever size you want off this huge chunk at the store and wrap it in ‘butcher paper’ (you pay by the ounce or pound). The conditioner itself is pretty good. It’s very different than using a liquid conditioner because it takes a lot more work on my end to distribute through all of my hair. It does leave my hair feeling like how it feels after I get stuck in the rain, silky soft, light; and also smells like a warm summer night full of honey and a light breeze, of course.
#. The soap that I bought is called Demon In The Dark. Their website describes it as fresh, minty, and mysterious and I totally agree. It’s an invigorating smell, definitely on the manly side of the scale, but I’m ok with that. Great to wake up to in the morning or to make you feel like a human again after a long run. There are a million other flavors that I’d love to try here. I’m currently trying to see how long the little bit I got with last me to see how much I would need to get to last me the trip. I might start my journey with this, but I don’t think it makes sense to bring tons of soap from home to last 6 months when I can buy it on the road.
$. The Lush girl threw in some toothy tabs for me to try for free. I chose the Sparkle toothpaste to try. It’s definitely a little chalky at first and brings back some weird memories of fluoride treatments at the dentist as a child, but the results are great. This toothpaste makes my teeth feel really clean and doesn’t leave the same cottony mouth/dry feeling that regular toothpaste does.
%. I really haven’t tried the dry shampoo yet because I tend to shower daily but think it will probably come in handy on the road. Smells like lemon essence. What more do you need?
The solid lotion and deodorant are next on my shopping list. Overall, I am absolutely bringing the shampoo and still making decisions on the other products. As a whole, the brand feels passionately fleshed out. And for someone who believes the devil is in the details, I really appreciate that. It also brings a renewed fun-ness to general dullness of toiletries. Using these products make me feel like a really clean hippie. Lush – I can get down with you.

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