Mae Hong Son Loop: Pai

Love Strawberry Pai Farm

We stayed at the Aqua Resort in Pai, just a bit out of the main town but in a quiet area. I think this place used to be a resort. Unfortunately, it just isn’t what it presumably used to be. If you look at it from far away it seems beautiful but the closer you get the more that image and the physical place itself deteriorates. It did have some really warm blankets, but having the bathroom outside was a bust.

Seeing as Pai is the hippy spot, and seeing as we’re not hippies, we decided to only stay one night then head straight to Chiang Rai. I think a mix of road weariness and hatred of tie dye led us to that decision. We took the night to visit the night market. For dinner we sought out Na’s Kitchen which is supposed to be one of the best places in town. I finally ordered a whole fried fish and it was delicious.

Thai Fried Fish
Fried fish at Na’s Kitchen

On the way out of town the next morning we happened upon a strawberry farm which was quite . . . unique. A fun place to stretch your legs and peak around. Also, their strawberry muffins are totally worth it.

Love Strawberry Pai Farm
Love Strawberry Pai Farm

The Pai Canyon is also on the way out of town and although we were there on a misty morning it is an interesting place. If you’re brave enough you can walk along the ridges and go into the canyon but if you have stupid slippery shoes like me you probably won’t be able to go very far until you realize your straddling a dangerous line. Have fun, but be careful!

Pai Canyon Nick Leaning
Nick looking over the canyon
Pai Canyon Trail
Pai Canyon trail

Road Conditions: fair to good

This post is part of six of six on our series on the Mae Hong Son Loop: Chiang Mai -> Mae Chaem -> Khun Yuam -> Mae Hong Son -> Soppong -> Pai -> Chiang Mai.

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