Top 6 Reasons to Carry a Headlamp

I’ve read from many other travelers that a headlamp can be one of the most useful items that we can bring on our trip. While I’ll need to find out for myself it’s usefulness, here’s a list of the top reasons that I’ll make sure I have a headlamp in my pack.

  1. We’ve got a 6 AM flight to catch and want to be courteous to our hostel mates as we pack in the morning.
  2. Kris is a bookworm and likes to read late at night.
  3. We’re out in the sticks camping and wandering around to that discrete bush is difficult in the dark.
  4. … or I’m wandering around the dark hostel hallway trying to find the bathroom.
  5. We’ve stayed out too late and riding that scooter in the dark is dangerous and it wouldn’t hurt to have a flashing bright light hanging off of me.
  6. That top loading pack I bought is sometimes hard to get into and find what’s packed into the bottom.

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