The Pickins’

Chaing Mai in Thailand and books about thinking; Free people clothing and light craft beer drinking. Weathered stuff, homemade stuff, little brass rings; These are a few of Frog’s favorite things.

All new tech gizmos and organized cases; Summer, warm weather, and clean open spaces. Cheesecake, red velvet and pickled green things; These are a few of Toad’s favorite things.

Traveling, eating, and sometimes day hiking; Sipping negronis and big city biking. Noodles for breakfast and green growing things; These are a few of our favorite things.

House-of-Small-Wonder-approvedHouse of Small Wonder
Brooklyn, NY
A place to collect your thoughts over a breakfast croissant. Book reading. Pencil writing. Quiet for solitude or with a friend or two. An easy escape from the hustle of the sidewalks. Trees inside, Feng shui vibe. Takes you out of the world. This cozy Williamsburg cafe offers simple, but perfect breakfast and brunch options, along Japanese-style lunch plates. Perfect place to start any weekend, or weekday.
Kruvit-Raft-RestaurantKruvit Raft Restaurant
Phuket, Thailand
Past the dirt parking lot towards the docks, you’ll find a group of older Thai men playing pool, chain smoking, and drinking beer. A monkey will give you dirty looks as you pass. You’ll stumble into the long boat and across the water be greeted by a young man carrying a large hook for a tour of the menu. This floating restaurant has large holes in the wooden floors. And each section has a different fish sitting inside a net in the water. This is as fresh as it gets.
De-Lanna-Hotel-approvedDe Lanna Hotel
Chiang Mai, Thailand
In the heart of the inner Old City, lies this quaint, boutique hotel. It resonates with your very being. Romance – the Feeling. Sweet, sticky summer air. Vibrant color-blocked stained glass windows. Surrounded by dark wood. White billowy curtains down to your toes. And there’s a little monster waiting for you on your pillow.
coops-place-approvedCoop’s Place
New Orleans, LA
A little dark and a lot grungy, Coop’s Place takes you back to the New Orleans of old. Rustic, honest Cajun comfort food at its most delicious. Jambalaya, fried chicken, red beans & rice and a beer or two. Good luck finding the bathroom – out the back door, hang a louie past the dumpsters.
birchwood-kitchen-approvedBirchwood Kitchen
Chicago, IL
West of the six corners in Wicker Park is Birchwood Kitchen. Bright and airy with a quiet patio for warm days. Grab a menu from the counter to browse before you order. The food changes with the seasons. Any hot or cold sandwich is never a letdown and you can’t go wrong with brunch on the weekends. Always the same friendly faces behind the counter. You’ll make it your place soon enough.
hot-stuff-approvedHot Stuff
South Lambeth, London, England
A little off the beaten path is Hot Stuff. An Indian BYOB joint, this place packs a lot of love. You have the option to order yourself or they will happily create a meal for you. You won’t be disappointed either way. And if they’re running a little behind like they were when we were there, you just might get a freeze pop for dessert. Kind people. Delicious food. Affordable for London. Go here.
san-martino-approvedSan Martino Gastronomia
Monterosso Al Mare, Italy
A small retreat in a seaside town meant to be one. Out of the way of tourists and honeymooners, this little cafeteria style restaurant run by husband and wife has extreme charm and value. 6-8 euros for a dish, 7 for a whole bottle of wine, and a little patio terrace to enjoy it on. Get the pansotti with walnut sauce and the octopus potato salad. We went four times in our three day stay. That’s all the proof you need.
the-codfather-approvedThe Codfather
Camps Bay, South Africa
A unique seafood experience a little inland in Camps Bay, Cape Town. At the seafood counter/kitchen with your server by your side explaining the catches of the day you hem and haw over the options. Monkfish, langoustine, prawns, calamari, yellowtail, kingclip. What to get?? Well, get a little of everything. You only order by weight here so get what you want. There is no written menu, everything is grilled, everything is awesome. Oh, and they play good music too.

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