Something Old-(Jewish), Something Kind of New-(ish)

The old begets the new, at least here. At least in the 7th district. Anything can start from anything else. Sometimes, life takes time to find a new path. Amazingly, if you think about it, ruin pubs were set into motion during World War II. As thousands of Jewish people were deported during the war, the uninhabited buildings of their neighborhood stood there lonely and without upkeep; they began to rot. That neglect brought about skeletons, ruins. For some people, an old abandonded building is just that. For others, though, they are just the beginning.

Enter, the ruin pub.

Mismatched chairs and couches, abstract artwork, really old TVs and patterned wallpaper make up the stuff of ruin pubs. While each one is unique, they share commonalities- the mash up of furniture, the love of art, the openess to all ages, the ever changing-ness of their line-up (some host farmer’s markets, some art shows, some other shows), and, of course, beer. Szimpla Kert was the first ruin pub (and our favorite), but there’s plenty to choose from and the locals bar-hop to four or five a night. So find a ruin pub, grab a beer, raise your glass and say ‘I-think-she-can-drive’ really fast because that’s how you say cheers (phonetically) in Hungarian. And cheers to creativity for turning destruction into something beautiful.


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