Visas, Visas, Visas…

Before we start – We are US residents. We hold US passports. All of the information below is in regards to visas for US citizens only.

Okay. So what’s the deal with visas? We need to figure out where we need to get them in advance and where we can get them on arrival. And how much is this going to cost?

Well… if you know exactly where you are going, the most trusted resource for up to date information is the US Department of State. However, being a government website it is painful to navigate through country by country, page by page. Thankfully, there are other resources a little bit easier to navigate. Here are a few:

If you have an extended trip planned in Europe you may also make yourself familiar with the Schengen Area which says that a US citizen can enter the area for a period of 90 days for within each 180 day period for purposes of tourism or business. We’ll only be in the area for 6 weeks so we’re good.


Here’s how our visa situation will shake out:

Advanced Visas

  • Vietnam – the required advanced application can be completed by mailing in a form or in person at a Vietnam Embassy. While the fee can vary, I’m estimating $100 based on what I’ve read on Yelp.
  • Australia – the required advanced application can be completed online and costs AUD $20. The visa is good for multiple entries of 3-months within a 12-month period.

On Arrival

  • Turkey – issued on arrival for $20.
  • Tanzania – issued on arrival for $100.
  • Zambia – issued on arrival for $50.
  • Zimbabwe – issued on arrival for $30.
  • Laos – issued on arrival for $30.
  • Cambodia – issued on arrival for $20.


  • Western & Eastern Europe –┬ápart of the Schengen Area so we’ll keep our travel time under the 90 day limit visa-free.
  • Botswana – 90 days visa-free.
  • Namibia – 90 days visa-free.
  • South Africa – 90 days visa-free.
  • Thailand – 30 days visa-free by air; 15 days visa-free by land.
  • Malaysia – 90 days visa-free.
  • New Zealand – 90 days visa-free.

All in – $370. Not bad.

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